2021 European Cup quarter-finals forecast and analysis of the strengths

5/25/2021 9:55:16 AM

    Regarding the excitement of the Euro 2020, many people are willing to compare the World Cup, because the members of the European Cup are European teams, and except for some countries in South America, the world's top clubs and strongest teams are basically gathered in Europe. The European Cup, which will be postponed for one year in June this year, will start. The large list of each team has basically been determined. Based on the current lineup strength of each team, the current top 8 candidates are France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the veteran England, the Netherlands or Sweden, let me take you to analyze the top 8 teams predicted for this European Cup.


    As the champion of the 2018 World Cup, France must have a place. Although the French team is currently ranked second in the world, no matter from the depth of the team's lineup and the players' competitive state, the French team is undoubtedly the strongest team. There are energetic young players, as well as experienced veterans, coupled with Deschamps arranged with Giroud and Griezmann as the offensive core play style, such a perfect lineup configuration is fully in line with the temperament of the championship. Judging from the current situation, the current French team is expected to replicate the glory of the Spanish dynasty. They have reached the finals in two consecutive World Series and won 1 championship and 1 runner-up. Such a French team is expected to advance to the finals again. Finally won the championship.


    The European Red Devils Belgian team has long been ranked first in the national team rankings. The midfielder is full of talents, and the strong offensive firepower is their support. The leading stars include Hazard, De Bruyne and Lukaku. De Bruyne is also known as the world’s number one midfielder, such as Naples’ Mertens, Dortmund’s Wittsell and Atletico Madrid. Carrasco's strength is also impressive. But compared to the midfield, the Belgian team’s defense line is not so stable. The former captain Kompany has returned to the League for retirement. Vermaelen also went to the Japanese professional league with club teammate Iniesta. Now the team The absence of a defensive core town is the biggest problem for Belgium. The 18th World Cup stopped in the semi-finals, and this year's European Cup is the best opportunity for the European Red Devils to prove themselves. If it is only a match, I am afraid that no team in the world dares to win.


    Since 2002, the German team has reached the semi-finals of the World Cup for four consecutive times and the semi-finals of the European Cup for three consecutive times. It's a pity that the German team, who thought it was about to usher in the dynasty, once again succumbed to the European Cup of 16 and the World Cup of 18. As far as the current situation is concerned, objectively speaking, there is a big difference between the competitiveness of the French team and the hottest French team. The European Cup quarterfinals predict that BB Sports big data coach Love will permanently abandon the three veterans including Hummels, Muller and Boateng for no reason. The other side insists on using Neuer instead of appointing to perform well in Barcelona. Ter Stegen is really confusing. But this also allowed the German team to quickly complete the transition between the old and the new. The performance of Werner, Brandt and Gnabry in these two seasons is also obvious to all. This young German team will have more impact. This European Cup will be the last World Series in which the meritorious coach Loew will lead a German chariot. We will wait and see whether it can break through!


    The Portuguese team is currently ranked 7th in the world. It is the champion of the previous European Cup and the favorite to win this European Cup. Although the golden generation of the Portuguese Legion has long retired, but like Bernardo Silva has made rapid progress, Moutinho , Mario, Neves, Andre Silva are all very powerful players. The 35-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo is still full of status. Now Cristiano Ronaldo has become a center. His heading ability has been greatly improved. It can be described as both an experienced veteran and a young player with strong impact. The defense that once made people worry the most, now seems to be solid. The 37-year-old Pepe has eliminated Juventus and defended Ronaldo’s performance to prove to us that he is still the world’s top ten central defender, such a Portuguese team. The fans of the team believe that Portugal has the ability to once again aspire to the European Cup, and even compete for the World Cup.


    Although Italy does not have a star-studded lineup, it is under the leadership of Mancini that they gradually stepped onto the right track and played a dazzling record. According to the current lineup configuration of the Italian team, their lineup is too strong, with two superstar players in each position. The chain defensive system has fully utilized the advantages of these players. Immobile on the front line has overpowered Cristiano Ronaldo to occupy the top of the Serie A scorer list this season, and the midfielder Jorginho has also recovered his original state in Naples. .


    The England squad is now very young. The 30-year-old Trippier and Walker on the list are already the oldest players on the team. Manchester United captain Maguire, Wolves captain Cody, Leeds United captain Calvin Phillips, Tottenham captain Harry Kane and West Ham United captain Rice form the central axis of this England team and sit on the top 5 of the Premier League. The captain of the giants is shining with stars. Such a vigorous and competitive England team has a high chance of being firmly seated in the semi-finals with its strength and good luck!


    The Dutch team, which has completed the transition between the new and the old, finally returned to the stage of the World Series. The current Dutch team does not have Robben, Van Persie, and Sneijder, but new stars such as Depay, De Jong and Van der Beck will carry the Dutch reconstruction. Daqi, the most important person in the current Dutch team is today's football's first central defender Van Dijk. Van Dijk and Dericht's back line of defense gave this young Dutch team unlimited possibilities. In the European Cup In such a very occasional cup match, a stable line of defense is far more important than a strong offensive line.


    Sweden's current lineup is indeed gorgeous, with world-class stars in the front, center and back of the field, which makes the three lines of the Swedish team's lineup too rigid. First of all, the older Ibrahimovic on the front line, the more demon he is the soul of the team. In addition, whether it is Isaac or Kulusevsky, they are also powerful champions who can give the team a great help. In the midfield position, RB Leipzig's core midfielder Fosberg is the commander of the team. He controls the Swedish midfielder Sebastian to form a partner with him. Lindelof has achieved a transformation in the back line, he is the backbone of the team's defense. Before Ibrahimovic, the Swedish team reached the World Cup quarter-finals without Ibrahimovic, and now the Swedish team with Ibrahimovic is even stronger. It is foreseeable that the Swedish team, which is on the rise, is capable of becoming a dark horse and reaching the semi-finals of the European Cup.

    In general, popular trends are always what everyone cares about, and  Euro predictions are only temporary. France and Belgium are the first lineups, followed by Germany, Portugal, Spain, England and Italy are expected, and the rest of Sweden may become the dark horse on the field.