Analysis of European Cup, Group F

5/31/2021 2:45:34 AM

    Analysis of European Cup, Group F

    Competition venue: Amsterdam, Bucharest

    Rules for qualifying: The 2020 European Cup group stage is divided into 6 groups with 4 teams in each group. Single round-robin matches are conducted in the group. The group stage is determined by comparing points, mutual records, goal difference, number of goals, and number of away goals Ranking; the top 2 in each group and the 4 best third teams in the 6 groups advance to the knockout rounds.


    From the perspective of the world rankings, the Netherlands 16, Austria 23, Ukraine 24 are almost the same, and North Macedonia 62 is far behind. From the perspective of team strength, the Netherlands is undoubtedly the number one favorite in this group. The team has missed two consecutive World Championships and is full of expectations. The orange storm reappears. As one of the hosts of this European Cup, there is no problem with qualifying at home in the group stage. The overall strength of Austria and Ukraine is close, and the value of players in Austria is higher than that of Ukraine, but Ukraine can beat Portugal to get the first place in the group. Ranking and value cannot tell everything. The two teams are more likely to compete for another qualifying spot. North Macedonia is the weakest in this group. As the lowest ranked player in this European Cup, fans are looking forward to seeing the dark horse miracle.

    Ranking prediction: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia