The Euro 2021 opener is about to start

6/10/2021 6:01:48 AM

    The 2021 European Cup opener will start on June 13, 2021.The opponents in the opening match of the game are Turkey and Italy in Group A. The European Cup was originally held in 2020 but because of the new crown epidemic. The game was also postponed to 2021. There are a total of 24 participating teams in this European Cup. Group competition is very important, and the top two in the group can directly advance to the top 16. The third place in the group is also likely to reach the top 16. Italy is in Group A of this competition. Four teams from Turkey, Switzerland and Wales.


    Italy is not alone in Group A. Although the strength of the Welsh team is weak. It is difficult to pose a threat with the other three teams. However, Switzerland and Turkey are also very capable of directly advancing over Italy. It is not easy for Italy to stand out. In the history of the European Cup, Italy's win rate in the first round of the match was less than 50%. Every time the opening match of the Euro 2021 group match, Italy made fans sweat. This time Italy is competing for the European Cup. It also introduced their strongest lineup so far. This game also did not see the goalkeeper Buffon. The veteran goalkeeper announced after the end of this season's Serie A to hang up his boots. It is also a pity that Buffon missed the European Cup.

    The Italian team's defender plays the role of Inter Milan's backcourt, Dan Brosio, Chiellini, and Mancini are all in the backcourt, a good choice. Veratti in the midfield. Pellegrini, Varela. Jorginhosensi are all famous players in the group. Immobile on the front line. Shalawi are good offensive players. The strength of Turkey is also not to be underestimated. ac Milan midfielder Charhanoglu is the absolute core of the team. In this season's Serie A, he can attack and defend. This season's Serie A has scored four goals and nine assists. Yilmaz, who has the Ligue 1 Lille team on the front, is also a very good player. Turkey's defeat of Italy in the first game is also full of confidence.

    The two teams have played against Italy eight times in history and scored five wins and three draws. Although this Turkish team may not be as good as Italy on offense, they are clearly better than Italy on the defensive end. The goal of the Turkish team in this game is also a tie and win. It is still very possible to get a point. Turkey has not yet beaten Italy among the history professors of the two teams. Now that the two teams meet in the European Cup, Turkey is also looking forward to the first victory in history against Italy. In the history of the European Cup, the two teams once played against each other to win is still Italy. Although Turkey is not as famous as Italy in football, it has also reached the World Cup semi-finals and the European Cup semi-finals. The myth of the star and moon is also likely to be staged! The performance is also quite calm. Turkey may also overturn Italy in this round.