Does the lottery really have a winning pattern?

6/15/2021 7:28:41 AM

    Many lottery players feel that the lottery industry has a certain pattern, as long as they find this pattern, they can greatly increase the probability of winning, which is unrealistic.

    Some lottery players say that numbers like 16, 19, and 09 appear more frequently in the Big Lotto, and sometimes there are even "same" winning numbers, which makes many lottery players more convinced of the rule.

    The winning numbers in the lottery industry are not regular. Everything is randomly generated. It depends on luck, but sometimes there will be a coincidence.

    Coincident mergers do not necessarily mean regularity. The same winning numbers may also win prizes in the future. These are also within the normal range of lottery industry winnings.

    Many experts have conducted research on the so-called "laws" of the lottery industry before, and found that all these can only be explained by coincidences, and there are no rules and human intervention.

    Simply put, when you buy a lottery, winning the jackpot is based on luck. There is no inside story or regularity. If it is possible, it is just a coincidence.

    At present, lottery draws are broadcast live, and the scene is supervised by professionals. The probability of each winning number being drawn is the same.

    You can list the winning numbers in multiple lottery tickets, and you will find that the probability of winning numbers is almost the same. The more you list, the closer the probability of winning.

    So don't believe that the lottery industry has rules. Many lottery players have been deceived and bought the relevant "lottery trend chart" at a high price. The result is of no use.