Is the winning rate of lottery machine selection high or the rate of candidate selection high?

6/15/2021 7:35:28 AM

    Machine selection and optional selection cannot change the probability of winning.

    Anyone who has studied probability knows that there are three conditions that determine the probability of a lottery, Number of balls shaken, the number of balls drawn, and the number of winning balls.

    For example, the ball is 33 red balls out of 6 and 16 blue balls out of one, and 6+1 wins the first prize. As long as these conditions remain the same, the ball will always win more than 17 million. One. Machine selection and self-selection are not at all within the conditions for calculating the probability of winning.

    This is like calculating the area of a square. As long as the side length remains the same, whether the square is drawn with a pencil or a pen, whether the square is a tile or an iron piece, the area will never change.

    Therefore, machine selection and self-selection cannot change the probability of winning. These two betting methods do not have the problem of who is higher and who is lower.