Sports betting:What to pay attention to in the follow-up Euro 2020 bets?

6/21/2021 4:17:56 AM

    What to pay attention to in the follow-up Euro 2020 bets? First of all, let’s take a look at the upsets after the end of the two rounds. The strong teams’ upset losses were those of Denmark against Finland. However, due to Elkerson’s reasons, the players were still affected to a certain extent. However, Slovakia's 2-1 defeat of Poland is a small cold, but it should be expected. There are still more matches for the strong team. There are 2 games in Spain, 1 game in France, and 1 game in England. Let’s take a look. Looking at the current overall game in the 2nd round of the group stage, there is a total of 24 games, 13 of which are played on the right road. The current right road is 54.17%. Compared with the previous European Cup group stage, the current right road is already relatively high, so What caused it?

    1. The expansion of the European Cup weakens the strength

    The European Cup has expanded from 2016 to 24 teams, and 8 teams have been added to the original 16 teams. This expansion also allows many countries that could not participate in the European Cup to have the opportunity to participate, which will lead to real In the sense of the death group does not exist, each group has a certain "fish belly" players, the strength gap between the teams is still relatively obvious, and in the face of true strength, the upsets are also reduced.

    2. The four groups with the best scores can qualify for the third group

    For many teams, it is possible to win the next game to advance to the top 16. However, the 2016 European Cup champion Portugal only scored 3 draws in the group stage, and eventually won the championship. This system still allows it to a certain extent. Some teams can have different tactical ideas, and the true life-and-death battle does not seem to exist.

    3. 5 substitutions

    Due to the impact of the epidemic and the intensive schedule, this European Cup adopts a system of 5 substitutions. 3 substitutions can be made within the regular time, and a maximum of 5 substitutions can be made (but must be completed within 3 times), intermission, Substitutions will not be counted for substitutions after the 90-minute regular game time is over and during the intermission of overtime. There will be a sixth substitution and one more substitution in overtime. This kind of rotation reduces the fatigue of the team. In the past, weak teams could use willpower and physical ability to overwhelm strong teams, but after the increase in rotation, strong teams with strong substitutes will have better rotation space and increase the fault tolerance rate. This also reduces the unpopularity.

    4. This European Cup is held in many countries and cities, and many teams have home court advantage

    To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the European Cup, UEFA will use a tour without a single host country in this tournament, which will be held in 12 European cities. This way, strong teams such as Germany, England, and Italy have home court advantages. , And currently it is open to spectators. Only some cities have restrictions on the number of people, but Budapest, Hungary, can influx more than 60,000 people, the home is full of momentum, and the strong team has the home field advantage, it is tantamount to adding more wings, so the unpopularity is naturally It's less.

    However, judging from past data, cup matches are often still upset, especially in the next third round. As some teams have already qualified in advance and some teams hope to join hands to qualify, there may be a "tacit ball". Will the teams that qualify early have the intention to fight? These all need to be considered. Finally, a word for everyone: strong teams can't believe it all!