What Sports are in the Summer Olympics 2021?

6/24/2021 8:53:29 AM

The upcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games will feature 339 events, representing 33 different sports. Out of these 33 sports, these time five new sports programs (baseball/softball, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, and karate) have been added, while others like basketball – see the inclusion of new events within the discipline. None of the sports programs has been eliminated from the 2016 Olympic Games, with the return of golf and rugby. Here is the List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 Bellow table:


Sport Discipline (Events) Dates
Aquatics Swimming (37) 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Diving (8) 25th July (Sunday) – 28th July (Wednesday), 30th July (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Synchronized Swimming (2) 2nd August (Monday) – 4th August (Wednesday), 6th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Water Polo (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Archery 5 23rd July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Athletics Track & Field / Marathon (45) 30th July (Friday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Race Walk (3) 30th July (Friday), 6th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Badminton 5 24th July (Saturday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Baseball/Softball Baseball (1) 28th July (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday), 7th August (Saturday)
Softball (1) 21st July (Wednesday) – 22nd July (Tuesday), 24th July (Saturday) – 27th July (Tuesday)
Basketball 3×3 Basketball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 28th July (Wednesday)
Basketball (2) 25th July (Sunday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Boxing 13 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday), 3rd August (Tuesday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Canoeing Slalom (4) 25th July (Sunday) – 30th July (Friday)
Sprint (12) 2nd August (Monday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Cycling BMX Freestyle (2) 31st July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
BMX Racing (2) 29th July (Thursday) – 30th July (Friday)
Mountain Bike (2) 26th July (Monday) – 29th July (Tuesday)
Road (4) 26th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 28th July (Wednesday)
Track (12) 2nd August (Monday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Equestrian Dressage (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday) – 28th July (Wednesday)
Eventing (2) 30th July (Friday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Jumping (2) 3rd August (Tuesday) 6th August (Wednesday), 7th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Fencing 12 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Football 2 21st July (Wednesday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Golf 2 29th July (Thursday) – 1st August (Sunday), 4th August (Wednesday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Gymnastics Artistic (14) 24th July (Saturday) – 29th July (Thursday), 1st August (Sunday) – 3rd August (Tuesday)
Rhythmic (2) 6th August (Friday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Trampoline (2) 30th July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Handball 2 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Hockey 2 24th July (Saturday) – 6th August (Friday)
Judo 15 24th July (Saturday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Karate Kata (2), Kumite (6) 5th August (Thursday)- 7th August (Saturday)
Modern Pentathlon 2 5th August (Thursday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Rowing 14 23rd July (Friday) – 30th July (Friday)
Rugby Sevens 2 26th July (Monday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Sailing 10 25th July (Sunday) – 4th August (Wednesday)
Shooting Rifle and Pistol (10) 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday), 29th July (Thursday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Shotgun (5) 25th July (Sunday) – 26th July (Monday), 28th July (Wednesday) – 29th July (Thursday), 31st July (Saturday)
Skateboarding Park (2) 4th August (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday)
Street (2) 25th July (Sunday) – 26th July (Monday)
Sport Climbing 2 3rd August (Tuesday) – 6th August (Friday)
Surfing 2 25th July (Sunday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Table Tennis 5 24th July (Saturday) – 30th July (Friday), 1st August (Sunday) – 6th August (Friday)
Taekwondo 8 24th July (Saturday) – 27th July (Tuesday)
Tennis 5 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Triathlon 3 26th July (Monday) – 27th July (Tuesday), 31st July (Saturday)
Volleyball Beach Volleyball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Volleyball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Weightlifting 14 24th July (Saturday) – 4th August (Wednesday)
Wrestling Freestyle 12) 1st August (Sunday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Greco – Roman (6) 1st August (Sunday) – 4th August (Wednesday)