What are the changes and highlights of the upcoming opening ceremony?

7/21/2021 8:40:28 AM

    The opening ceremony of each Olympics is strictly confidential, and the Tokyo Olympics is no exception. At present, Japan has not disclosed the detailed procedures of the opening ceremony, the identity of the last Olympic torchbearer, and the method of lighting the Olympic flame at the scene.
    Affected by the new crown epidemic, this Olympic Games was postponed for a full year. What are the changes and highlights of the upcoming opening ceremony?
    The opening ceremony is concise and simple, adding traditional Japanese ritual elements
    The Japanese side held a dress rehearsal at the Olympic Stadium on the evening of the 18th in accordance with the procedures of the opening ceremony. The 30-second video released to the public shows that dances and sets of traditional Japanese festivals and festivals have been added to the cultural performances.
    Out of the need to prevent and control the epidemic and control costs, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee stated that the format of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will be greatly simplified, and more light and shadow technology will be used to present wonderful content than live decorations.
    The way the Olympic torch is lit is highly anticipated. The last torchbearer is more likely to be a female
    Unlike previous Olympics, the main torch of the Tokyo Olympics is far away from the stadium and is located on the "Dream Bridge" near the sea in Koto District, Tokyo. According to reports, the torch at the opening ceremony will be moved to the main torch stand near the sea after it is ignited at the temporary torch stand.
    Regarding the person who will eventually light the main torch, Japanese media speculated that the Olympic Games may employ more well-known former athletes, and considering the theme of gender equality, the torch bearer is more likely to be female.