How many people play gambling in Nigeria?

3/19/2021 8:09:14 AM

  According to Noi Polls, a survey conducted the year before last in Nigeria showed that more than 60 million people between the ages of 18 and 40 gamble, or about a third of the population, according to The East Africa. They spend $2 billion a year on gambling, or 78 cents a day. In Nigeria, there are more than 50 gambling sites.

  It is only in the past decade that Africans have fallen in love with online gambling, a process accelerated by the spread of smartphones. In the Geopoll survey, 96 percent of young people placed bets on their phones. Smartphones have become the Las Vegas of their pockets, seamlessly connected by smartphones, casinos and mobile payments. The African Exponent has argued that online gambling in Africa is leaping directly from the PC era to the mobile era.