The Nigerian men's basketball team should not be underestimated, the Olympics is expected to become a dark horse

7/22/2021 8:34:15 AM

    As far as the Nigerian men’s basketball team is concerned, their overall strength has improved significantly compared to the past few years. Among the 15-man roster announced by the national team before, there are a total of 8 players who have played in the NBA. The Heat’s Presius Achuwa, KZ-Okpala and Gabe Vincent, Okogi for the Timberwolves, Okafor for the Pistons, and Meto for the Kings , Oni played for the Jazz and Jordan Walla played for the Bucks. Although the role of these 8 players in the NBA team is not important, they are not bad in their own strength. In international competitions, they can help the team in all aspects and warm up to defeat the American men's basketball team and the Argentine men's basketball team. In the game, these players have a good performance, they are currently the main force of the Nigerian men's basketball team.

    In this year’s Olympics, Nigeria’s men’s basketball team was divided into Group B. The same group of teams includes German men’s basketball, Italian men’s basketball and Australian men’s basketball. The difference in strength between the teams in this group is relatively small. The Nigerian men’s basketball team has been in the warm-up match. Defeating the U.S. men's basketball team and the Argentine men's basketball team, they showed their strength in the game and proved that they are capable of defeating the world's top teams. In this year's Olympics, the Nigerian men's basketball team is expected to become a dark horse, and they have the strength to enter the next round. On the bigger stage of the Olympics, it is also worth looking forward to whether the Nigerian men's basketball team can continue its performance in the warm-up match and shine in the Olympics.