The US team 4 will return, revenge for France in the first battle?

7/22/2021 8:38:38 AM

    Although looking at the entire NBA, these 12 players are not their strongest players, but at least judging from the 12 teams in this Olympics, the lineup of the US team is the strongest! The US team not only has Durant and Lillard, but also new stars such as Tatum, Adebayor and LaVine, and the core of the inside is Chasing Dream Green. In addition, Booker, Middleton and others played in this year's finals, and their personal competitive status must have also been upgraded.

    The biggest problem with this American team now is the lack of players who can play off the ball and can defend. Among them, Holiday and Middleton are both players of this type. Although Booker has a general defense, he has no ball ability. There is absolutely no problem. LaVine also showed a good state in the last game of the warm-up match, so the return of these four people can be regarded as Popovich's life-saving straw. Of course, Booker and the other three also have two potential risks, that is, physical fitness and running-in. After all, I just finished the finals, and the Olympics started just a few days after a break. This must have a great impact on physical fitness, and I didn't practice with the team, and I was about to play the first game!

    The US team's first game will start on July 25, against the French men's basketball team. It is also a coincidence that in the 19th World Cup, it was France that blocked the US team from the top four, so this game will also be a revenge battle for the US team.