Brazil National Olympics vs Germany National Olympics

7/22/2021 9:09:12 AM

    Brazil National Olympics vs Germany National Olympics

    Competition time: 2021-07-22 20:30

    Brazil's Olympics: Brazil's Olympics have faced Germany 4 times in the past. During this period, they achieved 3 wins and 1 loss. The last time they played was in the men's football final of the Olympic Games 5 years ago. Brazil U23 won a penalty kick. Germany U23 successfully won the championship. The two warm-up games before the Olympics won the opponent with a big ball. The team's state has gradually adjusted to the best. The last 5 games have been won 4 times. The midfielder includes Richard Leeson and Martinelli. This, and the talented star Rainier, is quite powerful.

    In the last 12 games, I have been able to score consecutively, and during many of the games, I have played big goals. The strength is both strong and stable. The Brazil U23 won the championship in the last tournament. This year, I am coming towards the goal of defending the title. Compared with the starry front In the field, the team's midfield strength is not top-notch, and most of them are not well-known except Alves.

    The latest situation of the German Olympics: The German Olympics has participated in the Olympic men's football competition 10 times. The best result is that the previous competition successfully won the championship. The last Rio Olympic final was lost to Brazil U23 and placed second. It pays more attention to the Olympic events. Once entered the finals, but lost to the host Brazil in penalty kicks. The team's defender Henrichs has 5 appearances on behalf of the adult national team, and his personal ability is relatively outstanding.

    The German U23 had a record of 3 wins and 3 draws in the statutory time of the last six Olympic games. The U23 had a 1-1 draw against Honduras in a friendly match. Before the match was over, Toruna Riga suffered racial discrimination and retired Except for a small number of players who have played in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga, most of the players only played for the youth team. Marco Richter lost his passport, and the worst may be to lose his Olympic qualifications.

    This field: I am personally optimistic about winning the Brazil National Olympics.