New Zealand National Olympics VS South Korea National Olympics

7/22/2021 9:11:16 AM

    New Zealand National Olympics VS South Korea National Olympics

    The New Zealand National Olympics is the hope of New Zealand football. The New Zealand Football Association puts a lot of energy on the New Zealand National Olympics. In order to ensure good results, the main back of the New Zealand national team, Reid and main forward Wood, will participate in this game with the team;

    The Korean National Olympics are familiar to everyone, and they won the championship in this year's Asian Youth Championship. The strength of the team is undoubted. Coupled with the presence of several veterans, the team strives to qualify for the group;

    The two teams have an advantage in the strength of the Korean National Olympics. Under the current institutional index, the Korean National Olympics are recommended to win;

    Honduras National Olympics VS Romania National Olympics

    Honduras is not bad at the National Olympics. In the qualifiers, it also pushed the U.S. to advance. The team cooperated relatively well, and the team's strength would not be too bad;

    The Romanian National Olympics has outstanding results in the qualifiers. The recent warm-up matches are not stable, and the strength is still higher than the Honduras National Olympics, but the institutional data is so unintelligible. A draw is recommended for this game.