how to play Three Card Poker?

3/22/2021 12:34:32 AM

1. Select the chip denomination with which you would like to bet.
2. Place your bet/s by dlicking on the Ante position and/or the Pair+ position.
3. Once a chip is placed, click on the initial chip/s to increase the bet.
4. To remove the last bet/s placed click Undo.
5. To remove all bets placed click Clear Bets.
6. Click Deal to start the hand.
7. The game rules and sequence of play is described below.
8. Click Rebet after the hand has completed to repeat your previous bet.
9. Click New Game to change your previous bet for the next hand.

In Three Card Poker, either an Ante bet or a Pair+ bet must be placed before the cards can 
be dealt.
An Ante bet as well as a Pair+ bet may be placed on the same deal. The Ante bet and the
Pair+ bet are different bets and result differently with different payout rules.
The player receives 3 cards face up.
The dealer receives 3 cards face down.
The player can decide to "Bet" by clicking the Bet button or by clicking the Bet on the 
table. The player can decide to "Fold" by dlicking the Fold button.
By "Folding", a player loses his Ante bet and the game is ended.
If the player "Bets", a wager equal to the Ante bet is placed. If the player has insufficient
funds to place the Ante bet they may deposit more funds and return to the game at a later
The dealer reveals his three face down cards.
To qualify, the dealer must have a Queen or better.
If the dealer does not qualify, he pays even money on the Ante bet and the "Bet" bet is
returned to the player.
If the dealer qualifies:
and beats the player, then the player will lose both the Ante and "Bet" bets.
and the player ties with the dealer, then both Ante and "Bet" bets will push.
and loses to the player, then both the player's Ante bet as well as his "Bet" bet
will pay even money.
In addition, whether the dealer qualifies or not, should the player have a straight or higher,
he is paid according to the Ante Bonus paytable.
The separate Pair+ bet pays entirely on the outcome value of the player's hand, according
to the Pair+ paytable.
The Pair+ bet payout, if any, is resolved before any player decision is made to Fold or Bet,
based on his Ante bet. If no Ante bet was made, the game ends at this point.
Game is played with 1 deck of cards. Cards are shuffled at the start of each game.
A tie of the same face value is not possible when either the Dealer or the Player has Three
of a Kind.