Olympic Men's Football: Argentina National Olympics VS Australia National Olympics

7/22/2021 9:24:43 AM

    [Recent Status of the Two Teams]

    Argentina National Olympics

    The Argentine national team won the America’s Cup this year, and Messi finally won his own national team championship. This summer can be said to be very successful. However, the Argentine Olympic team does not have such a strong strength. From the perspective of staffing, the personnel of the Argentine Olympic team are basically members of domestic clubs, and their reputation and strength are not big. Although the Argentine team had won the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, the Olympic team members Messi, Aguero, Di Maria and Tevez all became superstars at that time. However, Argentina is currently not picking up. They lost 0-3 to the National Olympics of Japan and were tied 2-2 by the National Olympics of South Korea. Their strength is still relatively average, mainly due to the lack of major players in the five major leagues, so the record is not good. For comparison, the Spanish Olympic team in the same group has a very terrifying lineup, except for Paul Torres, Unai Simon, Pedri, Olmo, Oyazabal and Eric García who scored 6 in the European Cup. The semi-final internationals are members of the National Olympic team, as well as Real Madrid’s Asensio and Ceballos, Barcelona’s Mingueza, Real Sociedad’s Suvimendi, Merino and Valencia’s Soler, while Argentina If the Olympic team wants to qualify in the group, I am afraid they can only grab second place in the group!

    Australian Olympic Team

    The Australian Olympic team is more general, and its own adult team has performed worse in recent years. In the past, most of the national team members were players in the five major leagues. Today, the number of players in the five major leagues of the Australian national team has dropped sharply, coupled with the average strength of the younger generation of players, so the performance is not good!

    The Australian Olympic team has lost all the last 4 friendly matches, and the state is worrying. The main problem of the Olympic team is defense. Judging from the goal difference data, 4 games have scored 3 goals and lost 8 goals. The defense is very bad. The Australian Olympic team missed the previous Olympic Games. In the historical confrontation, the Argentine Olympic team is absolutely dominant.

    For this organization to give the Argentine Olympic team a -1.0 handicap, considering the huge gap in strength between the two sides, although the Argentine Olympic team is not strong, it is still optimistic about the victory of the Argentine Olympic team!

    Game prediction: The Argentine Olympic team defeated the Australian Olympic team.