Many upsets in the first round of the Olympic men's football match

7/23/2021 3:00:40 AM

    On July 22, the first round of the Tokyo Olympic Men's Football Group Tournament began. 16 teams all ushered in the battle of appearances, and the results continued to be unpopular. France and Argentina suffered a complete defeat, and the favorites to win the Spanish team were tied. In another strong dialogue, the Brazilian team defeated the German team 4-2 with a hat trick from forward Richardson.

    Group C can be described as a hotbed of unpopularity, the results of the two games were beyond everyone's expectations. Among them, the Spanish team, one of the favorites to win the championship, was stubbornly blocked by the Egyptian team and was tied 0 to 0. Real Madrid midfielder Ceballos also ended up due to injury. In another game of this group, the Australian team scored a goal in the second half and defeated the Argentina team, which was sent off in the first half 2-0.

    There is a sharp contrast between the celebrating Australian players and the frustrated Argentine players.

    In addition, the Mexico team in Group A defeated the French team 4-1. Throughout the game, the dexterous Mexican players repeatedly penetrated the French team's defense, and the French team only regained some face with a penalty kick.

    In the first round, two East Asian teams South Korea and Japan also completed their debut. Among them, the host Japanese team sits at the Tokyo Stadium to face the South African team. In the whole game, the Japanese team took the initiative and created many opportunities, and finally won 1-0 with Kubo Kenei's goal. The South Korean team lost 0 to 1 to the New Zealand team.

    The host Japan team has the advantage on the field in the game against Egypt.

    Lost to New Zealand 0 to 1, South Korea was a bit lonely after the game.

    The results of the other two games were: C?te d’Ivoire beat Saudi Arabia 2-1, Honduras lost 0-1 to Romania.