The latest Olympic men's football standings

7/26/2021 6:09:53 AM

Last night, the second round of the Olympic men's football team ended all, and the situation of each group was further clarified. Currently, Japan, South Korea, Spain and Brazil are leading the teams.


According to the Olympic men's football rules, the top two teams in the group will advance to the quarterfinals, and the final round of the group match will be held on July 28.

The latest Olympic men's football standings

Group A: Japan (6 points), Mexico (3 points), France (3 points), South Africa (0 points)

Group B: South Korea (3 points), Honduras (3 points), New Zealand (3 points), Romania (3 points)

Group C: Spain (4 points), Australia (3 points), Argentina (3 points), Egypt (1 point)

Group D: Brazil (4 points), Ivory Coast (4 points), Germany (3 points), Saudi Arabia (0 points)

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