[Olympic Men's Basketball] Nigeria VS Germany

7/27/2021 8:21:56 AM

[Olympic bets Men's Basketball] Nigeria VS Germany

The data for this game is given to Nigeria to allow 4.5 points. Both sides lost in the first game. Nigeria lost to Australia. Although there are many powerful players in the lineup, as many as 8 players in the NBA, They also need more games to blanket their strength.

The German team did not have Schroeder this time, and they are more familiar with players such as Wagner and Banga who played in the NBA. They faced Italy in the first game and performed very well in the first three quarters. They have been suppressing Italy, but in the last quarter, The team's accuracy was obviously lost. The fourth quarter only scored 10 points, no advantage at all.

In the past two duels, Nigeria have been defeated by their opponents, but this time they have a stronger lineup. The current data position is also giving them concessions. However, considering that they are not doing a good job defensive outside, this game wants to beat the opponent. The difficulty is not small, this game focuses on the German team to win the data.