3/22/2021 6:42:07 AM

  Mega Ball

  Listen up all lottery, bingo, keno, and gambling lovers who enjoy winning BIG!

  Mega Ball is the ground-breaking live casino game show game from none other than Evolution that brings the popular ball-hopping game keno to you in a portable and action-packed format.


  Learning how to play Mega Ball is really easy; there are no special skills needed to enjoy this game!

  Similar to lotto, bingo, and keno, in Mega Ball, you’ll purchase playing cards with a random set of numbers.

  The goal is to line up as many numbers on the card with the numbered balls as possible. More filled lines mean higher winnings!

  Mega Ball Step-by-step:

  1. Set your card value and purchase one or more cards. Activate up to 200 cards per game round!

  2. Watch as the 20 balls are drawn, their numbers being marked off on your card(s).

  3. Watch as the Mega Ball multiplier of up to 100x is generated.

  4. See what you’ve won!

  Mega Ball Live Dealer

  In case you’ve checked out other game show games like Crazy Time and MONOPOLY Live, you’ll recognize the type of live dealer waiting for you here.

  In Live Mega Ball, dealers are known as game presenters and are guiding you through each game round in a fun and exciting way.


  The rules of Mega Ball are few, and only takes you a few seconds to learn! Check them out below:

  Cards are valued from ?10 to ?10,000.

  Purchase one card or more to participate in the draw.

  For a win to occur, one or more of your cards will have to show a full line of drawn numbers. Lines can occur horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

  It’s possible to land several winning lines on the same card.

  The Mega Ball multiplier is added to a randomly selected ball. If the Mega Ball matches the number included in one of your winning lines, that line is multiplied.

  Mega Ball bets and payouts

  Each card purchased is considered a “bet” in Mega Ball. This means that you can place up to 200 bets per game round.

  Payouts are determined by the number of filled lines on your cards and the possibility of one or two Mega Balls being drawn. Payouts per round are capped at ?5,00,00,000.

  Nr of linesPayout range






  Six or more9,999-9,99,999:1

  Mega Ball has an RTP that ranges from 95.05% to 95.40%.


  A payday is within reach wherever you go, thanks to Mega Ball being fully optimized for mobile devices.

  Most Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices will run this game without issues from browser websites and app casinos.

  Landscape view is recommended for the most immersive experience, while portrait gives more space for you to follow along on your cards as the numbers are revealed.


  Mega Ball is a game that you can enjoy in a live or RNG format at any time, from anywhere. It’s yet another highly entertaining casino game from the masterminds at Evolution, suitable for any player.

  Participating is as easy as purchasing a card and watching the draw unfold.