Olympic Men's Football South Africa National Olympics VS Mexico National Olympics

7/28/2021 8:42:05 AM

    Olympic betting:Men's Football South Africa National Olympics VS Mexico National Olympics


    The strength of the South African National Olympics is weak. The team is worth 9.54 million euros. Among the 16 teams, it is only worth more than Honduras, ranking second from the bottom. The team is the third non-junior in 2019. Most of the players play in the domestic league. There are several players in the middle and lower reaches of the Portuguese Super League, the Norwegian Super League and the Swedish Super League. South Africa as a whole has entered the 21st century. Compared with the end of the 1990s, the national team has regressed a lot. In the 2010 World Cup, the team's 3 games in the group stage at the door of the team were all out of the North, creating the worst host result of the World Cup. In this Olympics, the South African National Olympics are in the same group as Mexico, Japan, and the French National Olympics. The team lost to the Japanese National Olympics 0:1 in the first game. Afterwards, they faced the French National Olympics 3:4. Although they lost, the team was in the game. Leading the French National Olympics three times, the opponent eventually scored two goals in 86 and 90 minutes and lost the game.

    Mexico’s national Olympics is worth 84.69 million euros, ranking second in the group. The team defeated Honduras in the Mid-North American Youth Championship in March this year. The team defeated Brazil to win the 2012 London Olympics. Although the team has only one overseas player, the overall strength of the Mexico League is good, and the team's Olympic team will not be weak. Mexico’s national Olympics first defeated France’s National Olympics with a 4:1 victory. After losing 1:2 against Japan’s National Olympics, the team lost two consecutive goals in the 7th and 12th minutes. The match was 86 minutes. Recover a goal.