Olympic women's football finals changed to Friday night kick-off

8/6/2021 5:28:44 AM

FIFA said that Friday's Olympic Women's Football Finals will be changed to the evening kick-off, and the venue will be moved to Yokohama to avoid the high noon weather in Tokyo.

  The match was originally scheduled to kick off at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium at 11 o'clock local time in Japan. However, due to the hot weather, Sweden and Canada proposed to reschedule the final for Wednesday. FIFA decided to change it to the Yokohama International Stadium at 9 o'clock local time.

Both sides welcomed the final, but there were still some doubts. The Swedish midfielder Seger believed that the decision-making time was too long. "You have to wait so long to decide on the day before the most important game you can experience. This is totally terrifying. Yes, they can’t be allowed to do this anymore, anger is inevitable."

   The men's football bronze medal match originally scheduled to kick off at 8 pm local time in Japan clashed with the changed time of the women's football final. Therefore, the kick-off was advanced to 6pm local time at the Saitama Stadium. The host Japan played against Mexico.