Play Crazy Time,what are you chances of winning?

3/22/2021 5:45:52 AM


We used some probability calculations to determine your chances of winning and landing on each number or bonus round on the Crazy Time wheel.

Number 1 – 37%

Number 2 – 25.9%

Number 5 – 13%

Number 10 – 7.4%

Coin Flip – 7.4%

Pachinko – 3.7%

Cash hunt – 3.7%

Crazy Time – 1.85%

This means there is a whopping 16.6% chance of landing on a bonus round. The equivalent of a bonusEVERY 6 SPINS. The time you can expect to be involved in one of these entertaining bonus rounds along side the potential pay-out makes Crazy Time really special. This is even more exciting when you compare it to similar live casino games such as Monopoly Live where you can expect to be involved in a bonus round only 5.5% of the time.