Olympic Men's Football Japan National Olympics VS Mexico National Olympics

8/6/2021 5:34:23 AM

Olympic Men's Football Japan National Olympics VS Mexico National Olympics

       Location: Japan-Saitama

       Number of matches: the third and fourth place men's football at the Tokyo Olympics

       Current status of the Japanese National Olympics:

       The National Olympics of Japan has taken advantage of the host, and they very much hope to take advantage of the momentum to advance to the Olympic finals and break history. In the group stage, Japan won all three games, including defeating its opponent, Mexico. Everything went well. In the knockout match against the New Zealand Olympics, the Japanese Olympics were suddenly restricted by their opponents. Faced with a tall opponent, the Japanese Olympics could not score within 120 minutes, and finally relied on a penalty kick to pass. In the men's Olympic semifinals, Japan lost 0-1 to the Spanish Olympics in overtime and missed the final men's football finals. They will compete with Mexico for the bronze medal in the men's football. From the performance of the semi-finals, although the Japanese National Olympics did not concede a goal within 90 minutes, they still have to fall short. The mistakes in the final stage of overtime are also a performance of the team's overall strength. If it can beat the Mexico National Olympics this time, this will be the second time that Japanese football has won medals since the 1968 Tokyo Olympics.

       Recent developments in the Mexico National Olympics:

       Mexico’s Olympic team played offensive football in the group stage of the Olympic Games. They won the French Olympics 4-1, and lost to the Japanese Olympics 1-2 in the second game. The Mexico Olympics lost some luck in this game. The team got a red card and lost to their opponents. In the third game of the group, the Mexico Olympics defeated the South African Olympics 3-0. In the end, he got the qualification to qualify as the second place in the group. In the knockout match, the National Olympics of Mexico played against the National Olympics of South Korea. In the semi-finals, the Mexico National Olympics played against the Brazil National Olympics. The two teams are no strangers. The less powerful Mexico National Olympics was slightly conservative in this game. They brought more physical confrontation to their opponents and dragged the game to a penalty kick. War. In the penalty shootout, Ochoa, the main goalkeeper of the Mexico National Olympics, was unable to save the opponent's shot while judging the right direction, and finally lost in hatred. They strive to avenge the Japanese Olympics in three or four.

       History of confrontation:

       In the current Olympic group match, the Japanese National Olympics defeated the Mexico National Olympics 2-1.