Decipher your dreams and discover your hidden desires!

3/22/2021 7:51:30 AM

Decipher your dreams and discover your hidden desires!

How to play My Daily Dreamcatcher
Click and hold as you drag your mouse from left to right to see all of the dream elements. Place the elements from your dream onto the dreamcatcher, then hit Analyze to discover what your dreams mean! Come back every day to decipher your latest dream!

A Dream Game?
Dream Catcher is an ideal slot for anyone who likes games themed around the Wild West. The realistic symbols are a pleasure to behold and with the soundtrack activated, you can really get into the Indian spirit of the game.

Outstanding bonus features are another big attraction of Dream Catcher. Those huge scatter awards, followed by free spins where you can claim win multipliers are a highlight and while the pick a prize round is short, it’s definitely sweet, with a guaranteed prize.

It’s a fair game that has been certified by independent testing labs and has a high return to player percentage. If you like the captivating theme and attractive style, this reliable slot has all the features and potential for rewards that you could dream of.