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Football prediction:Granada vs Real Sociedad

9/23/2021 9:24:40 AM

Football prediction:Granada vs Real Sociedad

       Granada has sent away Soldado and Fulquier this season. The main goalkeeper Rui Silva has joined Real Betis after his contract expires. Several main players have returned on loan after the expiration of their loan period. They have introduced goalkeeper Maximiano and defender. Escudero, Abram and Arias, the striker introduced veteran Barca and hired former Spanish coach Robert Moreno to coach the team. After 5 rounds, 3 draws and 2 losses, 3 goals and 8 goals were lost. Draw with the three strong teams of Villarreal, Valencia and Barcelona, ​​and lose to Vallecano. For a team that is still vying for European qualification in the first two seasons, the most important thing is to If you get enough points on the same level or relatively weak team, you can feel complacent if you can't draw a strong team. Manchester United did not win a few games in the BIG4 match before, but it is a reason to win the league championship.

       Real Sociedad bought high center forward Sollot, defender Rico, and goalkeeper Ryan this season to continue to reinforce the lineup. This season’s striker core Oyasaval played well and scored 4 goals in 5 games. Real Sociedad was extremely early in the season. Strong, ranked first in the league last season, and then habitually downturned, and eventually fell out of the Champions League. Compared with other teams in La Liga, Real Sociedad’s strength lies in its very stable lineup. Head coach Alguacil has been in charge of the echelon since 2014, with full prestige and teamwork. Currently 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, scoring 6 goals and losing 4 goals, lost to Barcelona 2:4 in the first round of the league, after the last home draw with Seville, ranked fourth in the league.

       The two teams have had their own wins and losses in the past two years. Granada has changed too much this season. Whether it can beat Real Sociedad at home again, this game is about to be announced.