Probability of winning the 2022 World Cup

10/26/2021 9:35:13 AM

    Recently, the famous European bookmaker announced the probability of winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The long-degraded England men's national team ranks second, and the Samba team's Brazilian men's probability of losing 7 is ranked first. 

    In fact, it is not unreasonable for bookmakers to be so optimistic about the England team. In recent years, talents from the Three Lions have emerged, like Spain in 2010 and France in 2018. In the recent European Cup, they reached the European Cup for the first time. In the final, fight with Italy to the last minute.

    Professional leagues are the foundation of the national team, and only high-level leagues can produce outstanding players. At present, the Premier League has become the largest league in the world. Strong teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City are competing against each other. The intensity is far from comparable to that of La Liga and Bundesliga. In the Champions League, Premier League teams are far more competitive. Other league teams, in the past three years, Premier League teams have won two Champions League trophies. Such an excellent league has naturally produced many high-level athletes. Kane, Lingard, Maguire and other players are the wealth of the England national team.

    Not only bookmakers are optimistic about the current England, but even many authoritative media are very confident in them. "Daily Sports News" analyzes the current situation of England. In their opinion, the strength of the Three Lions has surpassed that of Argentina and Argentina. France, the Italian team, which has just won the European Cup, is fierce, but the age structure is too large. In contrast, England's players are young and strong. The top forward Harry Kane is at the peak and can be big in the World Cup. Kill the Quartet.

    In the past four World Cups, the championships have been won by Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and French Ligue 1 are among the five major leagues. According to this rule, should it be England’s turn to taste the championship for next year’s World Cup? Up?