Naira Chance, A Chance To Win ₦200,000 Naira

10/29/2021 6:10:03 AM

Naira Chance, the maximum bonus is ₦200,000 Naira. Scratch the cover film, if any "my number" is the same as the "winning number", you can get the corresponding bonus under the "my number"Good luck!

Naira Chancepicture:Naira Chance

Naira Chance

Scratch Lottery Naira Chance has a gift as the main picture, the color is the most popular red, and the background is decorated with firecrackers and gold coins, highlighting the joy of winning the lottery, and it is very attractive. Naira Chance's prize setting is very attractive. The highest prize is ₦200,000.

Naira Chance game rules: Scratch off the cover film, if you scrape out any bonus amount, you can get the bonus.

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