Meaning of GG/NG in Sports Betting sites

11/1/2021 9:40:27 AM

A betting market is simply the result of your bets on a particular football match. It is important to understand the meaning of the various options before placing a bet. Odds are like currency for betting. These are numbers (values) assigned to different market options, depending on the bookmaker. There are hundreds of betting options, and some of the most popular:

1×2 bet. Hints about the outcome, also known as win draw win. This market usually consists of three options to choose from: a "1" for a home win, a draw (X) and a "2" for an away win. For example, in a team A vs. B game, pick 1 requires a home win to bring you a reward (like Team A), pick X requires a draw result to win, and pick 2 is to predict a team B win.

Total goals (over and under). This option asks you to predict whether the total number of goals in the match will be more or less than the number you choose. For example, betting on more than 1.5 goals means you need at least two or more goals to win, while betting on less than 2.5 goals requires two or fewer goals to win.

Double chance. This is a popular betting option with lower risk than the match outcome option but lower odds. It also has three options: 1X for the home win or draw, 12 for either team to win (draw leads to loss), and X2 for away win or draw.

Both teams score (BTTS). This market is also known as GG/NG and you have to predict whether two teams will score by selecting the "Yes" or "No" option. "GG" translates to Goal-Goal, meaning both teams go to the scoresheet, while NG translates to No Goal, requiring either or both teams to remain blank.

Correct score. This is a valuable but risky market option where you need to predict the final score of a football match. Compared to popular bets, the odds are very high and there is no room for error. The order matters: the 1-2 correct score option is not the same as the 2-1 score option - the latter is a home win while the former is an away win.