How to Play Ghana Lotto 5/90?

11/29/2021 7:38:00 AM

How to Play 5/90 Ghana?
Playing 5/90 Ghana Plus is much simpler than other lotto games. You only need to predict correctly 5 numbers out of the 90 in order to win. There is also a permutation option where you can select up to a maximum of 20 numbers so as to enhance your chances of winning. To win a prize, you should match a minimum of two numbers and a maximum of five.

The Naira power on the Easy win website is also interesting and simple to play.

  • Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls; then pick 1 number from 1 to 26 for the red PowerBall.
  • The online play deadline is 10:00 p.m every Wednesday and Saturday. Naira Power draws time is every Thursday and Sunday 04:59 a.m.
  • Naira Power uses the Powerball draw result from America as winning numbers.
  • Players win the Naira Power jackpot by matching all 6 numbers.