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Introduction to several common methods of scratching

11/30/2021 4:45:05 AM

Introduction to several common methods of scratching

1. Walking
The scratch-off area is usually composed of several numbers or dice, and follow the route map of the lottery ticket according to the points represented by each number or dice. Step down, the sum of the winnings is the total amount of the lottery ticket. This kind of gameplay is the main game in the current instant scratch lottery market. Its simple and easy-to-understand and interesting gameplay is highly sought after by the majority of lottery players. Warriors are listed in the lottery, and the Monopoly lottery belongs to this type of game.

2. Six pictures with three same types, six numbers with three similar types
   6 number 3 is currently the most popular gameplay. Find 3 same values/patterns in the gameplay area to get the corresponding bonus. This kind of gameplay has also been expanded into multiple forms. For example, the so-called "pictures" can be numbers or bonuses or animal graphics, fruit graphics or graphics of various daily necessities, poker or mahjong and so on. Several pictures are the same, they can be the same picture directly winning, such as: the upcoming "Penguin Treasure"; the two pictures are the same, such as: the original grand prize lottery series "Golden Monkey Gives Fortune" and "Xia Yang Yang" series; 3. The pictures are the same, such as: four seasons, happy zodiac signs; and the game rules for bonuses and turning stones into gold are six numbers three with six and six pictures with six different. In addition, there can be nine pictures with three identical, and five pictures with two identical forms.

3. games
   comes from the folk nine-square grid game. There are nine squares in the play area, and there are nine kinds of graphics or symbols inside. If any three graphics or symbols are the same and form a straight line, that is, "in a row, in a column or in an oblique", the prize is won. Of course, the game play area can be expanded to 44 squares or 5×5 squares. Lucky Baby lottery series and the upcoming "Fulinmen" lottery use this gameplay.

4. For numbers or for graphics
  This type of lottery game area is usually relatively large, consisting of two parts: the winning symbol area and the winning symbol area. The winning symbol area is composed of 1-2 numbers or graphics, and the redemption symbol area is composed of 5-12 numbers or graphics. There is a bonus under each number or graphic. If any symbol in the redemption symbol area is the same as the symbol in the winning symbol area, the bonus under the number or figure in the redemption symbol area will be redeemed. Winning prizes can have both. This kind of gameplay generally has multiple chances of winning.

5. Chess and Cards

This type of gameplay is mainly to transplant poker, mahjong or dominoes and other popular casual games into instant scratch lottery tickets. The specific gameplay varies with the different ways of playing poker, mahjong or dice, and is due to the instant scratch scratch lottery. Most of the restrictions have been simplified. Of course, there are also poker, mahjong or dice look like prize symbols, and the gameplay belongs to other types of gameplay, such as the two poker games in the jackpot lottery series "Golden Monkey" and "Xiyangyang" series.

6. Bingo (Bingo) category
This type of lottery is a very large type of lottery. It usually has a completely covered play area, which is composed of numbers and letters, and there is also a number and letter area that is bare or covered by translucent scratched ink. Lottery players can buy the lottery. Then, scrape the completely covered play area, compare the numbers and letters with the numbers and letters that are bare or covered by translucent scratched ink. If there are the same numbers and letters, mark them, and wait until all of them are completely covered. After the numbers and letters are compared and marked, if the marked numbers and letters form a prescribed figure, the prize is won.
   This type of lottery usually takes a long time to play and requires care and patience. Among the lottery tickets currently on the market, the "Happy Bingo" gameplay falls into this category.

7. Keno (KENO) category
   This kind of lottery is also very popular. Usually put many numbers in a relatively large scratch-off area of ​​the gameplay, and there are also numbers in another part, which are covered by semi-transparent scratch-off ink, and are divided into several groups of games. After scratching, compare these numbers. If the numbers are the same, they will be marked. If the number meets the rules of a certain group of games, the prize is won. Bonuses can have both.