"Merry Christmas" is a holiday ticket designed with the theme of Christmas.

12/6/2021 7:14:10 AM

On Christmas Eve, there is a lot of excitement in front of the "Scratch" sales point, and people are rushing to buy the "Merry Christmas" of "Scratch". There are great prizes waiting for you in this game! We look forward to happiness and luck at the same time as you.

   Yiying website launched the Christmas lottery "Merry Christmas", to meet with the majority of color friends. "Merry Christmas", with a Christmas-like red and green as the main color on the ticket. In the middle of the ticket is a Christmas tree with Christmas decorations. It has a strong festive atmosphere and a sense of joy. The ticket is exquisite. The "Merry Christmas" exquisite lottery caters to the psychology of the lottery friends and brings a refreshing feeling to the lottery friends.