The Egyptian team releases important official announcements

12/31/2021 8:38:36 AM

The Egyptian team issued an important official announcement. This time, the Egyptian team adjusted the list of the previous 40-person African Cup primaries, selected the best 25 players, and announced the team's final list of the African Cup. As a result, when the Egyptian team's lineup was released, Salah was helpless. Because according to the current situation, the Egyptian team has a high probability of not making the African Cup.

Compared with the Algeria, Senegal, Nigeria, Morocco and other teams, the strength of the Egyptian team is one grade lower than theirs. It is no wonder that the Egyptian team suffered a round trip in the Africa Cup two years ago and was out early. Now, the hope of the Egyptian team to win the championship is still slim. In this regard, the Liverpool team is secretly happy. After all, when the Egyptian team was eliminated in advance, they can welcome back to the team's core Salah as soon as possible. This is something Liverpool really wants to see, so Liverpool fans refused to support the Egyptian team to win the championship.