The underdog president ordered: must win the Africa Cup or lose money

12/31/2021 8:56:42 AM

At the beginning of 2022, the Africa Cup, which is one year behind, is about to start. Before the game, the new African Army encountered difficulties. Their president asked to win the championship in this event, otherwise they can ask the country for help to prepare for the funds. The current president of Guinea is Mamadi Dubuya, and he is a cruel character. In September this year, Dubuya launched an army coup and arrested the original president. Subsequently, he announced on October 1st as the country's transitional president. Dubuya is a soldier with an iron fist and a ruthless style. He has been accused of human rights violations. 


In an interview, Dubuya made a request to the Guinea national team: "Either bring me the championship trophy, or pay us compensation for the money spent on you. I just say so much." The fans said Dubuya bluntly. His remarks will make Guinea's players shiver, and this may limit their performance on the court. The African Cup will be held in Cameroon. Guinea, Senegal, Zimbabwe and Malawi are divided into Group B. Guinea's top star is Nabi Keita, currently playing for Liverpool. In history, the best result of Guinea in the African Cup was runner-up in 1976.  


The outside world is not optimistic about the prospects of Guinea in this African Cup. Their odds to win the championship are only 1 to 40...