Africa Cup of Nations Betting Morocco vs Ghana

1/10/2022 5:14:29 AM

Africa Cup of Nations Morocco vs Ghana

Morocco is currently ranked 35th in the world and temporarily ranked fifth in Africa, after Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria, and Algeria. Its strength should not be underestimated. From the perspective of the lineup, the team has many players in the five major European leagues such as Ashraf, Seth, Balcock and Ennesri in this squad. The strength of the team's three lines is very balanced. In the two years that coach Harry Hodzic has led the team, Morocco has also successfully completed the transition of old and new. In the World Cup qualifiers just past, Monaco qualified for the qualifying with a six-match victory in the group stage. During this period, they scored 20 goals and conceded only one goal. They were excellent both offensively and defensively. The powerful Ziyech was not selected because of the conflict with the coach. The teenager Aboud refused to play in order to get a chance in Barcelona, ​​but it still had a certain impact on Morocco's frontcourt. In the first game, he faced the strong Ghana and Monaco. Still can not be careless, good defense is the team's top priority.

Ghana has won the African Cup of Nations four times in its history, but since entering the 21st century, the team has never been involved in this honor. In this assembly, coach Lajevac recruited Ayew Brothers, Thomas and Ama. The overall strength of Thai and other members who play in the Premier League is still worthy of recognition, but it can be seen from last year's World Cup qualifiers that the Ghana team's offensive efficiency is not outstanding. Hand type, the striker lacks a stable scoring point, and often lacks the ability to attack tough points in face-to-face battles. In this game, facing Morocco, who is good at defense, it is not easy for Ghana to knock on the opponent's gate. The two sides have played against each other in the last 3 times. , all ended with a small score, and the number of goals scored in this battle should not be overestimated.