Africa Cup of Nations hosts Cameroon comeback to win

1/10/2022 5:20:14 AM

The African Cup of Nations kicked off this morning, with the host Cameroon winning 2-1 over Burkina Faso, while Cape Verde beat Ethiopia 1-0.

This African Cup was originally scheduled to be held in January-February 2021, but was postponed to January-February 2022 due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but it is still called the 2021 African Cup. "African Lion" Cameroon became the host, and "Cheetah" Eto'o was the top scorer in Cameroon's history. At the age of 40, he is now the chairman of the Cameroon Football Association.

Eto'o said on social networks before the game: "Almost three years after the last time Africa's biggest players gathered at the stadium, we are finally ready for the 2021 Africa Cup. It will not be easy, but thanks to a With a fantastic team of experienced and passionate professionals, African football will shine like never before."

In 2000 and 2002, Eto'o helped Cameroon win the African Cup of Nations twice. In the 2017 African Cup, Cameroon won the championship again, and the top scorer Abubakar scored the winning goal in the final. Abubacar has become the captain of Cameroon. He was the head striker of the Portuguese super giants Porto, and currently plays for the Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr.

The African Cup of Nations kicked off in chaos this morning, with Burkina Faso coach Marlowe and six players unable to participate in the game because they tested positive for the new crown. The Burkina Faso Football Association lodged a written protest with the CAF, arguing that there were problems with the testing procedures for the new crown. Burkina Faso captain Traore, who is currently playing for Premier League powerhouse Villa, even said the African Cup's new crown testing procedure was a scandal.

Although Burkina Faso lacked a major general, it still took the lead in 24 minutes, Traore sent an assist, and midfielder Sangare scored the first goal of this African Cup. Burkina Faso’s defense then had a loophole. Cameroon scored a penalty kick in the 40th minute and in the first half injury time. Abubakar made two penalty kicks and Cameroon reversed and won 2-1.