Africa Cup Recommendation: Egypt vs Nigeria

1/11/2022 2:44:14 AM

Fans will see two of the strongest teams in this tournament go head-to-head in this Group D heavyweight battle, which may also be a preview of this year's Africa Cup of Nations final. I think whichever team wins this match will undoubtedly be the first qualifying team in Group D.

Both sides have had a glorious history in the African Cup of Nations and won the championship, and they are also regarded as African powerhouses by everyone. However, I believe that Egypt's strength is indeed higher than Nigeria's in recent years. Even though Egypt are one of the most successful teams in the African Cup of Nations, they have not won the title since 2010, perhaps adding some pressure to Mohamed Shana's vow to bring the country the trophy. However, the Liverpool star faces different pressures every week in the league, so I think he can definitely handle it.

Although Nigeria has lacked household names such as Ogocha and Janu in recent years, they still have a lot of good people in their team. I think everyone needs to pay attention to the performance of my former teammate Ian Nazu. He has matured more and more from his own playing days and is absolutely capable of becoming Nigeria's leading man.

Since anything can happen in the Africa Cup of Nations, even if Nigeria doesn't have a lot of stars in the squad right now, I still think they will give a good performance. However, Egypt is expected to help the team beat Nigeria under the leadership of the confident Mohammad Shana.