Africa Cup Betting:Gabon VS Ghana

1/14/2022 6:22:06 AM

Africa Cup Gabon VS Ghana 

      Location: Cameroon

      Weather: 22 degrees light rain

      Match: African Cup Group C, Round 2

      Current status of Gabon:

      Gabon's strength has developed rapidly in recent years. Although they have failed in the group stage for the three consecutive African Cups before, they are eager to achieve a breakthrough in the historical achievements of this African Cup. Gabon's best result in the African Cup of Nations is the quarter-finals, having participated in eight African Cups in total. The team's top scorer is none other than Arsenal striker Aubameyang. Although he is hidden in the club, he is the absolute leader and banner figure at the national team level. However, Gabon's lineup has a big shortcoming, that is, the striker position is seriously saturated and the phenomenon of homogeneity is serious. In the first round of the group stage, Gabon beat Comoros 1-0, and won the first win of the group while ending the sluggish predicament of the previous three games without a win in all competitions, and returned to the winning track. This time in the face of a strong enemy Ghana, Gabon's goal is to three points.

      Ghana current situation:

      Ghana is a traditional strong team in Africa. It has participated in 23 African Cups in history and won 4 championship trophies. However, the last time it won the cup can be traced back to 1982. It can be seen that the team's achievements after entering the new century are not outstanding. In the last African Cup, Ghana was eliminated by Tunisia on penalties in the round of 16, and in 2017 it ranked third. The team aims to prove its strength in this African Cup. There are 7 players in the five major leagues in the Ghana team, and their strength is not bad. The number one star is Arsenal midfielder Partey. In addition, the Ayew brothers are also sitting on the striker. In addition, the potential Ajax youngster Kudus has emerged in the past two years, and the Ligue 1 Rennes star Sule. Manner, striker strength is not bad. In the first round of the group stage, Ghana lost 0-1 to Morocco and suffered a black opening.

      Clash history:

      These two teams met in the past 3 times,Gabon got 1 wins and 2 losses, being the lower hand.