African Cup :Burkina Faso-Ethiopia

1/17/2022 7:28:59 AM

African Cup Burkina Faso-Ethiopia

Location: Cameroon

Weather: 25 degrees, light rain

Match: African Cup, Group A, 3rd round

Current status of Burkina Faso:

Burkina Faso's last African Cup of Nations was lost in the qualifiers and missed the main match. The team has participated in 12 African Cup races in its history, with the best result being the runner-up in 2013. Now that Burkina Faso has made a comeback, the lineup has been updated and the team is hungry for outstanding results. In the lineup, the team's number one star is undoubtedly the central defender Tapsoba, who is currently playing for the Bundesliga giants Bayer Leverkusen. The attacking team plays for Bertrand Traore of Aston Villa in the Premier League. It's just that these two generals have suffered injuries this season, and their strength is greatly reduced compared to their peak period. In the first two rounds of the group stage, Burkina Faso lost to the host Cameroon 1-2 in the first game, and defeated Cape Verde 1-0 in the second game. Currently, they are ranked second in the group with 3 points. In order to qualify, they have a strong desire to win.

Current situation in Ethiopia:

Ethiopia has won the African Cup of Nations once in its history, but that was already in 1962. Today's Ethiopia is no longer what it used to be, and it has completely become a fish-belly team. It is worth mentioning that Ethiopia is the team with the lowest ranking in the world in Group A and the team with the least hope of qualifying. In the first two group matches, Ethiopia lost 0-1 to Cape Verde and 1-4 to Cameroon. In terms of lineup, only two players in the Ethiopian 25-man roster play overseas, namely attacking midfielder Berkeley and midfielder Kasim. The rest of the players play in domestic leagues and their overall strength is average.

Confrontation History:

The two teams met once in the 2013 African Cup, when Burkina Faso beat Ethiopia 4-0.