Senegal wins African Cup of Nations

2/8/2022 9:45:57 AM

The 33rd Africa Cup of Nations football match ushered in the final in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon on the evening of the 6th. The Senegal team defeated the seven-time champion Egypt team through a penalty shootout 4:2, and won the championship trophy for the first time.

Liverpool's two popular strikers Salah and Mane were in Egypt and Senegal respectively, filling the stadium with smoke. In the seventh minute, the Senegalese player Sis was brought down in the penalty area and won a penalty for the team, but Mane missed the penalty. In the 28th minute, Salah found an opportunity to shoot out from the right wing, flexibly connected three people and then raised his foot to shoot low. The ball was saved by the opponent's goalkeeper Mendy. At the end of the half, both teams had nothing.

In the second half, the situation became more and more stalemate. The Senegal team won many free kicks in front of the Egyptian team, but none of them were successfully converted into scoring opportunities. The Egyptian team also failed to score several hasty shots, and the two teams had to enter extra time. race.

After overtime without progress, the two teams ushered in a penalty shootout. In the first four rounds, Senegal made 3 of 4 penalties, while Egypt scored only 2 goals. In the end, Mane calmly shot and scored the last goal to help Senegal win 4:2.