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How many ways to buy Ghana Lotto online

3/1/2022 8:23:20 AM

Buy the Ghana Lotto 5/90 Tickets Online. How to play Ghana Lotto 5/90, get Ghana Lotto latest 5/90 results, winning numbers, top bonuses in easy win site.

Ghana Lotto is a 5/90 game. This means that for a chance to win the top prize, you have to select a set of five numbers out of 90 possible.

There are four methods of playing Ghana Lotto.

The first number drop means you'll be choosing just one digit. The aim here would be to guess which number is going to get drawn first in the respective drawing. The direct 1-5 bet has you choosing anywhere between one and five numbers. If you want to play three numbers and match all three of them, you will have to opt for the Select 3 bet.

Perm 2-5 gets a bit more complicated. It refers to permutations or having several different sets of numbers that feature an array of combinations. While this gameplay method improves your odds of winning, it's more challenging and not that beginner-friendly.

Finally, you can opt for the Banker Against All gameplay mode. In this instance, you will once again be choosing a single number. For you to win a prize, the banker (the number you've chosen) needs to be featured among the winning numbers.

The gameplay method you choose will be determining the cost of your Ghana lottery ticket. Your cheapest option is 28 Ghanaian cedi, while the most expensive ticket will reach up to 111 cedis. The amount you spend on the ticket will also be determining for the amount you're eventually going to win.