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Ghana Lotto 5/90

3/7/2022 9:22:33 AM

The daily games are Monday Special, Lucky Tuesday, Midweek, Fortune Thursday, Friday Bonanza, and National Weekly.

The Monday Special product was designed to welcome players from the weekend. This Game is meant to give the player a fresh beginning to a new week.

As the name suggests, it is a day for Lucky people with lucky numbers to become rich. Lucky Tuesday was introduced to the public to offer those who missed winning on Monday another opportunity to win. 

The Midweek Game, to keep players' dreams alive. 

The Fortune Thursday Game is a game designed to turn the fortunes of players around. 

Friday Bonanza was introduced to give players positive energy for the weekend. The Game is meant to give players hope and happiness and prepare them for the flagship product on Saturday. 

National Weekly, is the flagship product of the National Lottery Authority. It is the passion of the nation and the most patronized of all the products.