Qatar expects direct economic revenue from 2022 World Cup to reach $2.2 billion

7/18/2022 6:01:16 AM

According to a report released by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is estimated that the 2022 Qatar World Cup will bring direct economic income to Qatar of 8 billion Qatari riyals (about 2.2 billion US dollars), and the long-term economic income from 2023 to 2035 can reach 9.9 billion riyals (approximately $2.7 billion).

According to the report, 1.2 million to 1.5 million tourists will visit Qatar during the World Cup, and Qatar's airlines, hotels, and tourism will be the industries that benefit the most. Moreover, the brand effect of the World Cup will bring long-term commercial value to Qatar and promote the sustainable development of tourism and other industries. The report also pointed out that in preparation for the World Cup, Qatar has invested more than 200 billion US dollars in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, ports, airports, subways, and housing.

Qatar's Emir (head of state) Tamim said last month that the hosting of the 2022 Qatar World Cup and rising energy prices such as oil and natural gas will boost Qatar's economy by 4.9 percent this year.

The Qatar World Cup is the first World Cup football tournament held in a Middle Eastern country in history.