Slot Game Mistakes You Could Be Making

4/8/2021 7:02:01 AM

    If you plan to head to your favorite online slots NZ destination any time soon. You should not skip reading the following.

    #1 – Not Reading the Rules Before Starting the Game

    Of course, one of the main reasons you love playing slots is the fact that they are simple and straightforward. No need to spend hours memorising strategies or years building up skills to outwit your opponents.

    Slots are based only on luck. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the rules altogether. Reading over them quickly before you start the game will help you to understand the special features and bonuses and how to trigger them. You wouldn’t want to play a game and figure out too late you have no chance of hitting the jackpot because you’re not betting enough lines. This can be avoidable as long as you read over the rules first. It only takes a few minutes but can make a big difference to your earnings.

    Making the Minimum Wager

    Every slot game has jackpot rewards that will have certain requirements before you can hit them. On progressive jackpots, this requirement is usually that you make the maximum bet or all available lines. While some others can provide the chance to win smaller prizes with different betting levels.

    If you want to hit the biggest reward, you will need to make the maximum bet. It’s also worthwhile to activate all available lines as well. The good news is that not all games are higher budget. There are plenty of games and you’re sure to find one with a max wager that suits yours.

    Not Claiming Bonus Rewards

    Nearly all online casinos offer players rewards when they make their first deposit or first few deposits. When you join the site, you might also instantly receive free spins to use on specified games.

    The most common reward is the match deposit, which is where the casino matches your deposit. So, you get double the amount to spend playing slots. Additionally, these casinos might offer reload bonuses on subsequent deposits. Or as a frequent player, you’ll continue to rack up even more perks.

    It’s clear why all of these are a big advantage to the player. Since they all provide you with more cash to play with. Hence, more chances to win. Therefore, it would be a big mistake to opt out and miss out on these rewards. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions first, since they will vary from site to site.

    Not Choosing Games Based on RTP Ratios

    The Return to Player rates determine how much of the game’s earnings can go back to players. Therefore, the higher the ratio the better for your chances to win.

    One of the biggest mistakes players make is choosing games based on aesthetics and themes. Rather than finding out the RTP ratios before playing. Often the games with the least attractive themes and "personality" are the highest paying ones. Same goes for the slots with average sized jackpots.