What is the biggest prize for scratch-win games?

8/15/2022 9:55:05 AM

A scratch card is an instant win form of a lottery game, Scratch cards with areas containing sealed prizes. Players may be required to scratch off the concealed areas to discover their prizes. The sealed prizes may vary from matching symbols, pictures, numbers, or words. With technological innovation, these can now be played on the internet and via mobile devices.


How many scratch cards are there to play?
There are more than 20 kinds of scratch cards on Easy win for players to choose from. Including Lucky World Cup, Merry Christmas, Treasure Saga, Rocket Slots, Magic Million, Football Winner, Football Night, and other scratch cards, the more you scratch, the happier you are and earn real cash online. Scratch games, can provide more chances of winning and is very attractive.  

Are there any new scratch games?

Easy Win keeps launching new scratch games, the "Lucky World Cup" is a World Cup-themed scratch. Whether winning big or small, it can add joy to life. The scratch games of Easy Win can meet the needs and preferences of different players. You can play scratch and win anytime, anywhere.

What is the biggest prize for scratch-win games?

The Red Diamond EX, a scratch and win on the Easy Win website, with a maximum prize of ₦50,000,000, is a game with simple and exciting gameplay. Matches any winning number with any of your numbers to win a prize, which is very popular among players. 

What is the minimum price for a scratch-win game?
There are several scratches and win on the Easy Win website at very attractive prices, Lucky Clover, Fortune Bay, and Lucky Football, which only need ₦50.00 each time, it is very suitable for players who are new to scratch cards. You can play scratch and win anytime, anywhere.