France beat Australia 4:1!

11/23/2022 9:59:17 AM

In the first round of Group D of the 2022 World Cup, the French team will face the Australian team at the Janub Stadium.

Defending champions France conceded a goal to reverse. Goodwin took the lead for Australia, Rabiot equalized the score, Giroud scored two goals, and the personal national team scored 51 goals, tying Henry and tying first in team history, Mbappe scored with a header, and finally, 4 :1 beat the Australian team and got a good start!

In the 9th minute of the first half, Lekki assisted, Goodwin scored the first goal for Australia, and Australia led France 1-0.

While France conceded, Lucas Hernandez was injured in this defence and was replaced by Theo Hernandez. The defending champions have already lost Kante, Pogba, Meignan, Kimpembe, Nkunku and Benzema...

In the 26th minute of the game, the French team equalized the score. Theo Hernandez, who came on as a substitute, assisted Rabiot in the penalty area to score a header. 1-1!

In the 32nd minute, the French team has another victory! The French team successfully counterattacked in the frontcourt, and Rabiot assisted Giroud to break the goal to help the French team overtake the score.

In the 46th minute of the game, Australia's Jackson Owen's header hit the post, and the French team escaped.

After halftime, France led Australia 2-1.

Change sides to fight again. In the 50th minute, French team Theo Hernandez made a cross, and Giroud made a barb shot in the penalty area, and the ball went wide.

In the 67th minute, Mbappe received a pass from Ousmane Dembele in the penalty area, headed the goal, hit the post and deflected into the net, scoring the first goal of this World Cup, and the French team led 3-1!

In the 71st minute, Giroud received a header from Mbappe's pass and scored twice, scoring the 51st goal of the national team's career, tying Henry with the number of goals scored and tied for the top scorer in the history of the French team! France led Australia 4-1.

In the end, the French team beat Australia 4-1 and got a good start.

France starters:

1-Lori, 2-Pawar, 7-Griezmann, 8-Chu Ameni, 9-Giroud, 10-Mbappe, 11-Dembele, 14-Rabio, 18-Wu Pamecano, 21-Lucas Hernandez, 24-Conat

Australia's starting lineup:

1-Ryan, 3-Atkinson, 4-Rolls, 7-Leckie, 13-Mooy, 14-McGree, 15-Duke, 16-Besic, 19-Suta, 22-Irving , 23-Goodwin