World Cup-Lewandowski misses Ochoa, Mexico 0-0 Poland

11/23/2022 11:31:51 AM

In the first round of Group C of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Mexico will play Poland at the 974 Stadium. In the first half, the two teams scored a goalless draw 0-0. In the second half, Lewandowski made a point, but his penalty kick was saved by Ochoa, and the two sides eventually tied 0-0. After the first round, Saudi Arabia ranked first in Group C, Poland and Mexico tied for second, and Argentina was at the bottom.

Mexico has reached the World Cup for the 17th time and the 8th in a row. In this World Cup, Mexico has advanced to the finals as the second place in North and Central America. Mexico has 2 wins and 3 losses in the last 5 warm-up matches, and the state fluctuates greatly. In the warm-up match before the World Cup, they beat Iraq 4-0, but lost 1-2 to Sweden. Poland was in the same group as England in the European qualifiers, and the second place in the group then defeated Sweden in the play-offs to get the ticket to Qatar. Poland entered the World Cup for the ninth time, but did not qualify from the group of the last tournament. Poland have failed to score in the first half of 9 of their last 12 games. The Lewandowski national team has not scored in five games, and he has never scored in a World Cup before. Mexico and Poland have met 4 times, both teams have won 1 game and the other 2 have drawn. The only direct conversation at the World Cup was in 1978, when Poland won 3-1.

Lewandowski led the way in Poland, and famous players such as Szczesny and Zelinski also started. Ochoa, the old Mexican goalkeeper, continued to serve as the captain. It is worth mentioning that the fourth official of the game was female referee Stephanie Frapat, who became the first female referee in the history of the Men's World Cup.

In the 4th minute of the opening, Lozano made a cross, and Bega followed up and outflanked it. In the 6th minute, the Polish team made a cross from the right corner, and Lewandowski's back nod kicked the goal and hit the Mexican defender to the bottom line. In the 25th minute, Herrera made a cross from the right, and Bega shook his head slightly to attack the goal. After 2 minutes, Chavez picked a pass, Szczesny didn't touch the ball, Gallardo missed.

In the 39th minute, Mexico made a cross from the left, the two sides missed the middle, and Lozano made a cross in front of the goal, and the Polish defender broke the bottom line. In the 44th minute, Lozano made a cross from the right and the Polish defender pushed out, and Alvarez volleyed back and was blocked by the crowd. After 1 minute, the right side of the No. 19 penalty area volleyed slightly higher from the near corner. Both teams were 0-0 in the first half.

In the second half, they changed sides and fought again. Poland replaced Belek and replaced Zalewski. In the 51st minute, Lozano picked a pass from the right, and Sanchez made a cross from the bottom and was blocked by the Polish defender. Chavez made a cross from the right corner, and Szesny made a double punch from the front point. After 1 minute, Lozano crossed two steps in front of the penalty area and then shot the far corner.

In the 53rd minute, Lewandowski dribbled the ball in the opponent's penalty area. Under the double team of Montes and Moreno, Moreno pulled the jersey and fell to the ground. The referee did not call to stop the game at first, and after VAR reminded him, he ran to the sidelines to look back at the penalty kick. In the 58th minute, Lewandowski took the penalty himself, but his penalty was saved by Ochoa.

In the 64th minute, Alvarez picked a pass from outside the penalty area, Martin shook his head to attack the goal and was saved by Szczesny. In the 72nd minute, the Polish team dropped a free kick into the penalty area, and Kiviol headed to the top. In the 85th minute, Mexico made a cross from the right that was too close to the goal, and Szczesny came out and took the ball. In the 87th minute, Lozano and Cash fell to the ground when fighting for a position in the penalty area. The Mexican player signaled to the referee for a penalty, but ignored it. In the end, Mexico and Poland scored a goalless draw 0-0.

Mexico: 13-Ochoa, 3-Cesar-Montes, 15-Hector-Moreno, 19-Jorge-Sanchez, 23-Gallardo, 4-Edson-Alvare S, 16-Hector-Herrera (71'8-Carlos Rodriguez), 24-Chávez, 10-Alexis-Vega (84'21-Antuna ), 20-Henry Martin (71'9-Raul Jimenez), 22-Lozano

Poland: 1-Szesny, 2-Kash, 14-Kivior, 15-Grik, 18-Bereshenski, 10-Krichowiak, 19-Shimanski (72'24-Frankowski), 20-Zelinski (87'7-Milik), 21-Zalewski (46'6-Bielik), 9-Lewandowski Base, 13-Kaminsky