World Cup Betting: Germany vs Japan

11/23/2022 11:43:49 AM


      Venue: Khalifa International Stadium

      For Germany:

      The German team performed well in the European World Qualifiers. They scored 27 points and scored 36 goals in their 10 group matches in Group J. Especially after coach Flick took over, the team maintained a complete victory record in the world preliminaries and successfully entered the Qatar World Cup finals. Compared with the last World Cup, the main lineup of this German team is now younger. Especially in the midfield and frontcourt, Mukoko, Mushala and others are all supernovas with high hopes. After a coaching change and a new generation, the "German Chariot" made a comeback in this World Cup. In the first game, facing the Japanese team that almost defeated Belgium in the 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Cup, can the German tank make a solid start?

      For Japan:

      Different from the past few World Preliminaries, the Japanese team's journey to the top 12 in the Asian region was not smooth sailing, and coach Mori Baoichi even faced a crisis of dismissal. However, relying on the outstanding overall strength, the team finally turned the corner and entered the Qatar World Cup directly with the second result in the group. In the 26-man roster of this World Cup, the Japanese players in Europe occupy the vast majority, and more than ten of them play in the five major leagues. However, when faced with a top-level team like Germany, the Japanese team's traditional ball-handling advantage may be difficult to exert, and it may be possible to make a miracle by exploiting its strengths and circumventing weaknesses by using defensive counterattacks.

      Historical record: In the past 6 games, Germany has 0 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses.