World Cup Betting: Brazil vs Serbia

11/24/2022 11:56:37 AM

World Cup Brazil vs Serbia
     Venue: Lusail Stadium


      In the 2022 World Cup South American qualifiers, the "Samba Corps" passed all the way. After beating Colombia 1:0, they advanced to the World Cup finals 5 rounds ahead of schedule. The Brazilian team has won 7 consecutive victories in all competitions recently. During the period, the team scored 26 goals and conceded only 2 goals. The performance on both ends of the offense and defense was very strong. Today's Brazil may be the strongest since 2002. The age structure of the three generations of players in the team is reasonable, and the three fronts, middle and backcourts also have top players. In the latest FIFA world rankings, the five-star Brazil deservedly topped the list.


      In the final round of the World Cup European qualifying group stage, the Serbian team won the ticket to the World Cup through the 90th minute header of the striker Mitrovic to defeat the Portuguese team led by Ronaldo 2:1 away. Although the team's latest world ranking is 21st, there is still a certain gap with the top teams, but the strength of the Serbian team with the title of "Balkan Eagle" should not be underestimated. Now their midfield and frontcourt can be called star-studded. On the front line, Juventus striker Vlahovic and Mitrovic, known as the "Mishen", form a daunting twin tower. In comparison, Serbia's defense line is relatively weak. Facing the extremely powerful Brazil, the defensive end is not small.

      Historical record: In the past 2 games, Brazil has 2 wins, 0 draws and 0 losses.