World Cup Betting:vEngland vs USAY

11/25/2022 11:48:04 AM

World Cup England vs USA

      Venue: Bay Field

      For England:

      In the first round of Group B of the World Cup group stage, the "Three Lions" England won a "good start" with a 6:2 victory over Iran, ranked first in Asia. In this debut, 19-year-old Bellingham scored the first World Cup goal, becoming the first "post-00" player to score in the World Cup. Subsequently, Saka, Sterling, Rashford and Grealish scored goals respectively, of which Saka scored twice. It is quite a coincidence that their five scoring heroes all staged their first goals in the World Cup. Bellingham and Saka, two post-00s, set off a youth storm. After the first round, England are at the top of Group B with 3 points. In the face of the active US team in this campaign, the "Three Lions" look forward to continuing the fiery offensive momentum.

      US side:

      In the World Cup Group B match, the United States took the lead with Timothy Weah's goal in the first half, but the Welsh team Bale used his own penalty kick to tie the game in the second half. In the end, the two teams shook hands 1:1. , each take 1 point. According to the ranking rules, the two sides decide the ranking according to the fair game points (that is, the one with the fewest red and yellow cards), the US team received 4 yellow cards, and the Wales team received 2 yellow cards, so the US team temporarily ranked third in Group B. After missing the last World Cup, the U.S. team has been updated. At present, the team is dominated by young players, half of whom play in the five major European leagues. However, compared with European teams, they lack the foundation. Although they are more aggressive, they are not smart enough. They lack the ability to judge the situation and adapt to the situation on the field.