World Cup betting on Tunisia vs France

11/30/2022 4:06:32 AM

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World Cup betting Tunisia vs France

      Venue: Education City Stadium

      For Tunisia:

      In the second round of Group D of the World Cup group stage, Tunisia faced off with Australia. This game can be called a contest between African "technical flow" and Australian tough guys. However, the Tunisian team, which played well in the first game, was out of form throughout the game, and finally lost to the "Kangaroo Legion" 0:1. In order to appear in the World Cup knockout rounds, the "Carthage Eagles" have launched 5 impacts. Regrettably, after losing to Australia, Tunisia only scored 1 point in the two rounds. It is their sixth attack, and their hope of advancing is still slim. In the final round of the group stage, the "Carthage Eagles" will challenge the powerful French team. It may be "difficult to reach the sky" if they want to score points on the defending champion.

      French side:

      The French team ushered in the challenge of Denmark in the last round of the group stage. As an old opponent in the intercontinental and world series, the Danish team often plays the nemesis of the French team. In this year's UEFA Nations League, the Danish team double-killed the "Gallic Rooster". But in the World Cup, with Mbappe's brace, the French team beat Denmark 2:1. After winning this game, France locked in tickets to the top 16 in advance with a record of two consecutive victories, becoming the first team to qualify for the World Cup, and stepped on the "curse of defending champions". Having already qualified and with a high probability of winning the first place in the group, France may have the possibility of rotating their lineup in this battle.

      Historical record: Tunisia has 0 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 2 games.